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Sport Fields & Fitness Centers

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  • Body-Friendly - less impact and fewer injuries!
  • More Sanitary - footwear and clothes stay clean!
  • Maintenance Free - no need to water or mow!
  • No Down Time - with our quick drainage system!
  • Safe - No chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides needed!
  • Green Year Round - Year-round playing is now possible!

Customized Turf

Outdoor sports fields require turf customized 
to specific size and playing specifications.

Artificial grass offers the highest performance and the least maintenance for sports fields and fitness centers. Whether you need a sensible surface for tennis courts, soccer fields, practice fields, batting cages, or literally any type of indoor or outdoor sports surface, our synthetic turf system is gentler on the player’s body and allows for longer and harder practice and playing time.
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Ideal Surfacing

Turf Tek USA will install the ideal surfacing 
for intense play and high activity areas. 

Injuries can be greatly reduced through the use of the right padding, the right turf and the right installer. One with extensive impact ratio experience and a thorough understanding of HIC standards. These standards are crucial to ensure the safety of players, as well as to protect facility operators from liability in case of injuries.

  • Options available that can meet any desired fall height ratio rating up to 12 feet
  • Many colors available to meet brand and design considerations
  • Only the highest quality shock padding with non-toxic infills