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Pet Areas

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Rover Never Had It So Good

Why synthetic grass for a doggy daycare, dog park, dog hotel, kennel, boarding, or any indoor or outdoor pet facilities? It keeps the grass green, and the dogs clean, happy, and mud-free! Synthetic turf has become a popular choice for parks, kennels, boarding facilities, and homes all over the country, offering a safe and long-lasting landscaping solution for pets. With artificial grass, dogs can freely enjoy their playtime, training sessions, and relaxation without any concerns about allergies or the need for extensive upkeep.

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Benefits of Artificial Grass for Pets

There are many health benefits that artificial turf for dogs can provide including exposure to harmful chemicals, allergens, and parasites that can be found in natural grass. Artificial grass can also provide a secure and enjoyable area for pets to engage in physical activities, promoting their mental stimulation. On top of these safety features, you will get the benefit that comes with installing artificial turf such as saving water and money, being eco-friendly, low-maintenance fees, and year-round beauty.

  • Stain-resistant surface prevents yellow and brown spots

  • Low maintenance and very easy to clean

  • Hypo-allergenic, kid and pet-safe, environmentally friendly, and recyclable components

  • Enhanced durability for destructive canines

  • Turf backing prevents holes from digging

  • A drainage rate of 80" per hour prevents puddling and muddy paws

  • Free of pests such as fleas, ticks, moles, and other rodents

  • Can be customized to fit any layout and space

  • 10-year warranty on select products

  • Made in the USA