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An ongoing turf maintenance program is especially critical for sports installations. Important for more than enhancing a surface's aesthetic look and feel, regular turf maintenance is an investment in field integrity, longevity, and, ultimately, athlete health and safety. Turf-Tek installations are designed to provide a generation of physical pounding and wear and tear— but without a regular schedule of attentive turf care, any artificial surface will breakdown— posing hidden dangers to those who've put their trust in the caliber of these playing fields. Turf-Tek encourages facility operators to take advantage of its comprehensive triple-tier maintenance offerings that include inspection, cleaning, revitalization, repair and sanitizing in regularly scheduled facility visits.

Care and treatment programs range from "Essential" to "Enhanced", and, ultimately, "Specialty" treatment options, and cover virtually every service that's recommended to keep turf surfaces in prime playing shape, and perfectly safe for young athletes. Turf-Tek technicians bring years of observational skill, and expert-maintenance know-how— employing up-to-the-minute treatment regimens, and the latest advances in automated field equipment. Indoors or out, more athletic programs and facilities rely Turf-Tek to keep their playing surfaces meticulously managed, maintained and manicured.

Maintenance Program Service

Essential Maintenance — Provides the basic necessities and services for debris removal, field de-compaction, infill redistribution and grooming.

Enhanced Maintenance — Provides advanced care and treatment for older athletic fields with typically heavy use. Treatment includes deep field de-compaction, magnet sweeping for metal fragments, fiber revitalization, infill replacement, UV microbial treatment and complete surface vacuuming.

Specialty Maintenance — Provides additional visits that include both "Essential" and "Enhanced" maintenance coverage, plus custom treatment services based on a need for added surface applications and field maintenance. • GMAX Testing for Field Hardness and Added Safety • Infill Top Dressing and Replenishment • Anti-bacterial UV Treatment • Anti-microbial spray • Anti-Static Spray • Snow Removal • Field Line Striping

Maintenance Program Service Offerings • Surface Aerating 2-3 Times Per Year (Outdoor) • Surface Raking Approximately Every 4-6 Weeks, Or Depending On Use • GMAX Testing 2 Times Per Year • Surface Magnetic Sweeping • Surface Vacuuming and Deep Cleaning • UV Microbial Treatment • Field De-compaction and Infill Redistribution as Needed • Fiber Revitalization as Needed • Inspection of Line Markings, Seams, and High-traffic Areas as Needed • Snow Removal as Needed