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Durable, safe, and fun! Our recent playground installs for Tutor Time and Heatherwood proved to be great choices for the facilities.

Synthetic grass is ideal for playgrounds and other high traffic applications. With children playing on the turf for hours a day, durability and minimal downtime are crucial. A significantly reduced number of allergens are found in synthetic grass applications, meaning more time having fun and less looking for tissues.

Kids and administrators alike want to see the playground being used as often as possible, which can't happen if puddles remain for days after the rain has passed.

Turf Tek is experienced in getting the water off and away from your field faster than the competition. Our drainage solutions are unmatched by anyone in the industry and we pride ourselves on eliminating the worry of a damp facility after a day of rain.

When it came to selecting materials for the job, Turf Tek experts were quick to assess the needs of each application. Pairing them with the turf, padding, and borders that would result in the longest lasting solution for their playgrounds.

Turf Tek has been working with schools and recreational facilities for years and has a deep understanding of the needs and regulations that go into one of these projects. This eliminates the guesswork and concern of facility owners, as they can take solace in the fact that the right job is being done.

To make sure that constant wear and tear does not stop the fun, Turf Tek takes the time to properly install each field the first time, minimizing the chance of needing repairs in the future.