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Synthetic grass has been allowing doggy daycares, pet owners, and kennels alike to save money and time by providing a cleaner, safer, and ultimately more cost effective solution to conventional grass.

There's a new alternative to grass for those who are tired of dirt and mud tracks coming into the house from our furry little friends. Synthetic grass from Turf Tek USA provides many benefits ranging from safety, cleanliness, and durability.

With dozens of styles and lengths to choose from, there is bound to be an option that fits you and your pets' needs.

The Safer Option

If you (or a company) performs regular lawn maintenance, you are aware that often times poisonous chemicals are used to promote the thick green lawns that have become increasingly more difficult to grow over the years. Homeowners wind up with a lawn full of yellow signs, reading "KEEP OFF" generally followed by a hazmat warning. Good luck keeping an excited k9 off the grass for that week!

With a synthetic lawn from Turf Tek USA, you won't ever have to put dangerous chemicals on your grass again. Your pets can lay and roll around comfortably, with peace of mind from Turf Tek USA.

You shouldn't have to worry about any dangers in your own backyard, especially for your beloved pets. Plus, say goodbye to fleas and ticks! These pests are not suited to live on synthetic grass, making the environment even more accommodating and reducing the need for chemical treatments greatly.

The Cleaner Product

Imagine a lawn, that is evenly cut, and lush green from one side to the other. With Turf Tek grass, that can be a reality! No more bare dirt spots in the yard, where the "sun don't shine". Pets often make a specific spot in the yard, as their "call to nature" spot, and it can cause a bare/browning mark in the yard as a result.

Say goodbye to mud and grass stains coming onto the house! Feel at ease knowing that you don't have to dread the rainy weather, when going out on the turf.

The Durable Product

The synthetic grasses from Turf Tek, is great for the urban/suburban dweller. They range in options, from drainage to infill, depending on the depth of your yard, the weather conditions in your city and best pick for the pooches.

When picking a turf with high drainage capability, it is crucial to choose a polyethylene or polypropylene over nylon. The short blades grass is easier for picking up pet traffic and cleaning.

The infill used will play a large roll in the outcome of the final product. Rubber infill is not ideal for pet surfaces due to its poor heat management abilities, and how prominent it appears in the finished installation. Turf Tek uses different types of organic infills that are virtually invisible and are 100% safe for pets and humans alike.

The turf specialists at Turf Tek will guide you in making the best decision for your lawns specific needs. Whether you are a veterinarian, an owner of a pet daycare center, a shelter, or manage a public pet park, synthetic grass is the safer, cleaner and better option for both people and pets.